How does GroceryWines award its medals?

There are many ways to find reviews and ratings of wines, from wine critics, specialty magazines, amateur aficionados and polls from the public. All of these have their place, but if you want the best rating system for wines you find at the grocery store, the place to go is the wine competition. This is why GroceryWines exclusively surveys wine competitions for our medals.

Why are competitions superior?  

  1. Competitions invite entries from anybody - the wines under review are not at the whim of the reviewer, so wines are likely to be in your grocery store, as opposed to high-end or niche wines which critics and hobbyists tend to prefer.
  2. Tasting is blind.  This means that the reviews don't suffer from confirmation bias.  This year, we have a best of class chardonnay that costs around $3 a bottle.  There is no way a top wine critic would go near this wine, and if they did, they probably wouldn't like it.
  3. There are multiple tasters.  We all know the taste of wine is subjective - I personally love an oaky Chardonnay - but I know a lot of people who don't.  With multiple tasters, subjectivity is evened out, and the best all-round wines shine through.  In fact, the GroceryWines "double gold" designation specifically indicates a consensus of critical approval.